Pause Rebirth Renew: Michelle Glew Ross

P A U S E;

Did I know this was coming? That life was so drastically going to change and flip everything upside down?

For so long I was calling for life to slow, to allow time for us to really absorb. I can’t help but think that somewhere in my being I knew something was coming.

Me, I was on a mouse wheel, round and round and getting faster and faster with no end in sight. Not knowing how to get off. How to break the cycle. The expectations felt greater than ever and I was running.

Would I have made change without the world delving into disaster?

R E B I R T H;

I am grateful for this time. Time to reflect. Time for Earth to heal. Time to strip back the layers. Time to absorb the sunshine. Time to educate. Time to nurture. Time to form community. Time to make change.

R E N E W;

The human world is hurting and in a myriad of ways, life as we knew it has changed. The natural world has had space to breathe and regain consciousness.

Me, I have grown more in the last seven weeks at home than in the last ten years of living. My eyes are open. Life is slower, I am absorbing.

Michelle Glew Ross