Do We Need To Rush Back?: Katie Graham

“Live life as though everything is rigged in your favour” — Rumi

This too shall pass… And when it does, I have one hope for us all…

Do we need to rush back?

We are more united than we’ve ever been — connected by something much bigger than any of us.

We are using technology to really connect — not just short messages to catch up, but having real conversations over the phone or video platforms, that start with “how are you feeling?”

We are not only going back to basics in the kitchen but we are making time to cook real, wholesome food again, like our grandmothers did — embracing the mindful aspect of using our hands to create and care for ourselves and families through food made with time and love.

We are making time to help each other — in Byron, we’re seeing so many acts of support and kindness, like restaurants giving their staff a living wage and many of us in the small business community embracing the trade economy.

We are really thinking about where our money is going — supporting local businesses and brands we love, and pausing to think before we spend on the things we used to buy without a second thought.

We are savouring every sip of coffee from a cafe and every mouthful of a meal made by someone else — a welcome change from drinking and eating subconsciously on the run.

And we are so grateful for nature and the outdoors — the beach is our haven, we pause to listen the song of the birds and stop to watch the sun and the moon.

So what if life right now is actually rigged in our collective favour? 

Social isolation is actually bringing us closer together — connecting us to each other, nature and most of all, ourselves.

My hope for us all once this passes, is that we don’t rush back too quickly and forever savour the slow.

Katie Graham