Five Things: Megan Morton

This is a hack of a hack that I did for my older kids when they were younger.  I was working full time with two small people and my mother (who is an educational academic) told me five items is enough for any person to remember to do, otherwise the burden of what is to do is too much. 

When you’re caring for others during iso, you can neglect yourself.  I don’t go to bed without having tucked up my five things. These are things that light me up – so choose your own if, like me, you need things right up in your grill to remind you. 

Our 10 year old has her own that is a mix of her school duties and small treats, but to be honest, it’s at its most potent when it’s just for yourself. 

(*Wording: is my hybrid for writing and reading. Some days I want to write and others I need to read). 

Megan Morton