I See Strength: Cade McConnell, Byron Bay


i see strength
in the resilience of the earth.
i see strength
in her majestic & graceful nature,
the way she raises her sun and moon for us
despite the destructive footsteps that perpetually pound down upon her body.
i see strength 
in her plants, animals & fungi,
in all her children,
surviving, creating & competing for existence. 
i see strength 
in the mothers that journeyed through pregnancy 
and birthed us into the gift of life,
and the fathers that held a strong foundation.
i see strength
in the sisters who are regaining their power,
honouring their bodies & moon cycles.
i see strength
in the brothers stepping into vulnerability,
expressing emotion & living from their heart.
i see strength 
in those surrendering to their true purpose,
for serving humanity, themselves & sharing their gifts with the world.
i see strength
in indigenous people of the land,
i honour their patience, tolerance & preservation of their sacred culture.
i see strength
everywhere i look…

Cade McConnell is a plant-based cook with a philosophy of ‘consciousness over convenience’. He understands that cooking is an energy exchange and his mindset & intention are consumed by the eaters too. He’s also a really awesome guy. Be inspired over at @om_cade or www.om-cade.com.